How-to Setup OpenBSD to Run a Windows Manager Desktop

This Tip Show How-to SetUp OpenBSD to Run a Widows Manager Desktop like
KDE4, Gnome, Xfce4, Enlightenment, Fluxbox, Blackbox and IceWM:

  1. Edit the User .xinitrc
    vi ~/.xinitrc


    • KDE4
      exec startkde4
    • Gnome3
      exec gnome-session

      For Gnome Classic:

      exec env GNOME_SHELL_SESSION_MODE=classic gnome-session --session gnome-classic
    • Xfce
      exec startxfce4
    • Enlightenment
      exec enlightenment_start
    • FluxBox
      exec startfluxbox
    • IceWM
      exec icewm
    • BlackBox
      exec blackbox

    Type ‘i’ to Start Editing
    After press ‘Esc’ to Stop Editing
    And finally ‘:wq’ to Write changes and Quit! 😉

  2. To Replicate the SetUp for Root User
    echo 'exec [MYGRATEFULDESKTOP]' >> /root/.xinitrc
  3. Finally to Start X Windows Manager