How-to Download & Burn to CD/DVD/USB the Latest KaOS GNU/Linux Installation ISO

Download Latest KaOS 2016.01 x8664 Media

Here Below You find Links to Download and Burn to CD/DVD/USB the Latest Linux+GNU KaOS 2016.01 64bit ISO Release.

KaOS is an Independent small, rolling distribution, fully focused on KDE/Qt. Using pacman as package-manager..

Get KaOS 2016.01 Linux Desktop ISO - Rocket Launcher

Get Latest KaOS 2016.01 ISO

Download Linux KaOS 2016.01 64bit Installation ISO

Get KaOS 2016.01

Burning Linux ISO to CD/DVD/USB

Burning Linux ISO to CD/DVD on Windows/Mac/Linux

Burning Linux ISO to USB on Windows/Mac/Linux