How-to Download and Burn to CD/DVD/USB the Latest Linux Lite Installation ISO

Getting Linux Lite Installation Media

How-to Download and Prepare for Installation Burning to CD/DVD/USB the Latest Linux Lite 2.8 Xfce Desktop 32/64bit ISO.

The Goal of Linux Lite is to introduce Windows users to an intuitively Simple, Alternative Operating System.
Linux Lite is a showcase for just how easy it can be to use linux.
From familiar software like Firefox and Thunderbird, to simply named menu items, to one click updates and software installs we hope that you will find Linux Lite an enjoyable computing experience.

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Downloading Linux Lite Xfce Desktop ISO

Download Linux Lite 2.8 Xfce 32/64bit Installation Media

Get Linux Lite 2.8 Installation ISO

Burning Linux ISO to CD/DVD/USB

Burning Linux ISO to CD/DVD on Windows/Mac/Linux

Burning Linux ISO to USB on Windows/Mac/Linux