How-to SetUp OpenBSD to Boot Directly Into a Desktop by Slim

This Tip Show How-to SetUp OpenBSD Unix for Directly Booting into a Windows Manager Desktop by a Display Manager.
The Display of Choice is the SLIM one Because is light-weight and Elastic to Integrate flawlessly into an OpenBSD System.
After By the SLIM Display Manager we will be Able to Boot Into any Windows Manager…

  1. Install the SLIM Display Manager

    pkg_add slim slim-themes
  2. SetUp OpenBSD to Start SLIM at Boot
    vi /etc/rc.local


    if [ -x /usr/local/bin/slim ]; then
    echo -n ' slim'; ( sleep 5; /usr/local/bin/slim -nodaemon ) &

    Type ‘i’ to Start Editing
    After press ‘Esc’ to Stop Editing
    And finally ‘:wq’ to Write changes and Quit! 😉