How-to QuickStart with Canon MP250/MP252 Series Printer for Red-Hat / SUSE Linux

Canon MP250/MP252 QuickStart for Red Hat/SUSE

The Guide Presents Links to QuickStart with the Canon MP250/MP252 Series Printer on Red Hat / SUSE Based OSes 32/64bit GNU/Linux Desktops.

After Downloading the Canon MP250/MP252 Printer Driver for Red Hat/SUSE follow the Instructions for Installation and QuickStart Scanning.

For the Canon PIXMA Multifunctional models You’ll find also a QuickStart Scanning Guide.

The Canon MP250/MP252 Guide is Valid also for the following Red Hat Based Distros:

  • Fedora
  • CentOS
  • Oracle

And this same Canon Guide is Valid also for the OpenSUSE Linux Distribution.

  1. Download Canon MP250/MP252 Series Scanner Linux Driver:

    Get Canon MP250 Linux .rpm Driver

    Enter “MP250/MP252 linux” on Search Box and Return.
    The Model number must be Rounded! E.g.: for MX925 put MX920.
    Get the Linux Driver RPM Package Driver.

  2. How-to QuickStart with Canon Printers on Red-Hat/SUSE Linux:

    Get Canon Printers QuickStart for Linux