How-to Download f.lux Source for Rrm Based OSes

How-to Get f.lux Red-Hat/Fedora Release

This Tip Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Download and Install f.lux App for Red-Hat/SUSE/Mandriva GNU/Linux Based Systems.

f.lux is a proprietary computer program that Adjusts a Display’s Color Temperature according to Location and Time of day.

Get/Download Latest f.lux for Red-Hat/Fedora - Rocket
  1. Open a Shell Terminal emulator window

    Get/Download Latest f.lux for Red-Hat/Fedora - Gnome3 Open Terminal
  2. Installing Git
    On Red-Hat Based:

    sudo yum install git

    On SUSE Based:

    sudo zypper install git

    On Mandriva Based:

    sudo urpmi git
  3. Download xflux-gui Applet
    Change to the Temporary directory:

    cd /tmp

    Clone the xflux Git Repo:

    git clone ""

    Change to the Target:

    cd xflux-gui

    Get with Python the xflux-gui:

  4. How-to Install the Latest f.lux GUI on GNU/Linux

    f.lux GUI Manual Setup for Linux
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