How-to Download & Install Brother FAX Drivers for Linux Red-Hat/SUSE Based Systems

Get & Setup Red-Hat Linux Brother FAX Drivers

The Guide Include Links to Download and Install the Brother FAXs Drivers for Red-Hat/Oracle/CentOS/Fedora/OpenSUSE GNU/Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Based OSs.

Brother furnish two different Drivers format for Linux: LPR & CUPS. The Brother CUPSwrapper driver is built on top of the LPR driver.

Line Printer Remote is a TCP/IP printing protocol and network print server. Originally developed for Berkeley Unix (BSD Unix), LPR/LPD was the de facto standard for Unix printing prior to LPRng, IPP and CUPS.

Installing Brother FAXs Drivers for Linux red-hat/Ubuntu - Rocket Launcher