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Get & Burn Fedora 22 Live 32/64bit

Here Below You Find Link to Download and Burn to CD/DVD/USB Fedora 22 32/64bit Server/Cloud/Workstation/Live (KDE/Mate/Lxde/Xfce/SoaS) OS GNU/Linux ISO Release.

New Enhancements:

  • The GNOME Shell notification system has been redesigned and subsumed into the calendar widget.
  • The Terminal now notifies you when a long running job completes.
  • The login screen now uses Wayland by default.
  • Installation of GStreamer codecs, fonts, and certain document types is now handled by Software, instead of gnome-packagekit.
  • ABRT now features better notifications, and uses the privacy control panel in GNOME to control information sent.

New Appearance:

  • The Nautilus file manager has been improved to use GActions for a better, more consistent experience.
  • The GNOME Shell has a refreshed theme for better usability.
  • The Qt/Adwaita theme is now code complete, and Qt notifications have been improved for smoother experience using Qt-based apps in Workstation.
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