Linux Awesome Desktop Quick and Essential Commands List

The Tip Presents a Quick & Essential Commands Survival List for the Awesome Linux Desktop:

Before to Start is Worth to Know a Little New Awesome Jargon:

  • Awesome Tag = Desktop
  • Awesome Mod4 = Cmd/Win Keystroke
  • Awesome Tiled Window = Non-Overlapping  Window in Arranged Layout
  • Awesome Floating WindowOverlapping Resizable Window

Awesome Desktop Wallpaper

Basic Commands Little List:
(Remember that in Awesome Jargon Mod4 = Cmd/Win and Tag = Desktop!)


  1. Run Program —>> Mod4(Cmd/Win)+r then programName Return
  2. Open Terminal —>> Mod4 Return
  3. Switch to Next Layout —>> Mod4+Shift+Space
  4. Resize Window/Layout —>> Mod4+Mouse-Right-Button+Drag
  5. Move/Drag a Floating Window —>> Mod4+Drag
  6. Minimize Selected Window —>> Mod4+n
  7. Close Selected Window —>> Mod4+Shift+c
  8. Switch of Tag(Desktop) —>> Mod4+<tagNum>
  9. Switch a Selected Window to a New Tag —>> Mod4+Shift+<tagNum>
  10. Put a Copy of Selected Window on a Tag —>>Mod4+Mouse-Right-Button+<tagNum>
  11. Displace/Resize Window in a Tiled Layout —>> Mod4+Shift+j
  12. Relaunch Awesome(After modified configuration) —>> Mod4 Shift+Return

For Extended Documentation Look:Awesome Wiki