Linux Mint How-to Setup Latest nginx Repo

The Tip Show Step by Step How-to SetUp the nginx apt-get Repo on Linux Mint:

  1. Open a Terminal Window
  2. Download the nginx apt-get Signing Key:
    apt Key
  3. Install the Key:
    sudo su -c "apt-key add nginx_signing.key"
  4. Edit apt-get Sources List:
    sudo su -c "nano /etc/apt/sources.list"
  5. Insert the nginx Repos:

    deb <vErSiOn> nginx
    deb-src <vErSiOn> nginx

  6. Substitute the Right vErSiOn for Your Mint:

    • saucy for Linux Mint 16 Petra
    • raring for Linux Mint 15 Olivia
    • quantal for Linux Mint 14 Nadia
    • precise for Linux Mint 13 Maya

    Ctrl+x to Save & Exit