Linux Fedora How-to Add Free Disk Space to LVM Volum Group

The Tip Show Visually How-to Add the Existing Free Disk Space to a LVM Volume Group on Linux Fedora by Fedora Volume Management.

  1. Start gparted as Root
    sudo gparted
  2. Create a New Primary Partition from Free Space

    Format the New Partition As the Existing to Extend…

    Take Note of the Path to the New Partition

  3. Start system-config-lvm as Root
    su -c "system-config-lvm"
  4. Tools >> Initialize Block Device
    Fedora Logical Volume Management Add Free Space
  5. On Dialog Enter Path to New Partition

    Then Confirm for Initialization!

  6. You will Find the New Disposable Space on the Existing LVM Volume Group 🙂