Arch-Linux Xfce4 How-to Install Display Manager and Enable Login at Boot

This Tip Show How-to Install & SetUp a Display-Manager on Arch-Linux Desktops so to Enable the Direct Login at Boot.

  1. Install the Display Manager
    pacman -S slim
  2. Enable the Loginat Boot by Slim
    systemctl enable slim.service
    su userName
    cp /etc/skel/.xinitrc ~/.xinitrc
    nano ~/.xinitrc

    Uncomment the Corresponding Desktop Entry.


    exec startxfce4

    su -c "chown userName:userName ~/.xinitrc"
    su -c "chmod +x ~/.xinitrc"

    Ctrl+x to Save & Exit 🙂

  3. Reboot to Login Into Desktop
    su -c "reboot"