Gentoo Installation Mouse and Keyboard Not Working

This Post is a Troubleshooting for the Gentoo Installation Issue of Mouse and Keyboard Not Working.

  1. Boot Gentoo in Sigle-User Mode
    1. On Grub Prompt Type ‘e’ to Edit Boot Parameters
    2. Select the Line Containing Kernel Type Agai ‘e’
    3. Try to Add to the Line One after the other the Following Choices
      • inits_opts=1
      • softlevel=1
      • 1
    4. Type ‘Enter’ to Accept Changes
    5. Type ‘b’ to Boot
  2. After you Boot Into Command Line Prompt Make the /run Directory
    mkdir /run
  3. Reboot!

After Reboot you Should Find Mouse and Keyboard Magically Working ๐Ÿ™‚