How-to Download, Burn & Install Debian 8 Jessie KDE ISO

Preparing and Installing Linux Debian 8 Jessie KDE Desktop

Here Below Guide to How-to Download, Burn to CD/DVD/USB and Install Debian Jessie 8 Stable i386/amd64 KDE Desktop.

Understand that the job of Debian is, and always has been, to produce Stable. The other releases are means to that end. You may find the other releases perfectly usable for whatever use you have for them.

Downloading, Preparing and Installing Linux Debian Stable/8-Jessie Installation Media - Featured

Downloading Linux Debian Stable/Jessie-8 Installable KDE Desktop ISO CD

  • Download Linux Debian Stable/Jessie-8 i386 KDE Desktop

    Choose Debian Stable 32bit KDE CD1 ISO
  • Download Linux Debian Stable/Jessie-8 amd64 KDE Desktop

    Choose Debian Stable 64bit KDE CD1 ISO

Burning Linux Debian Media ISO

Burning Linux ISO to CD/DVD on Windows/Mac/Linux

Burning Linux ISO to USB on Windows/Mac/Linux

Installing Linux Debian Stable/8-Jessie

How-to Install Linux Debian Stable/Jessie-8